Freespace ™ Universal Acoustic System

A portable sound absorber for mic stands

Control your room acoustics with FreeSpace, the universal acoustic treatment system from EQ Acoustics.

Free-Standing Acoustic Treatment

Stand mount horizontally or vertically, or combine to create your perfect mixing, mastering or recording environment. Equally ideal for location recording or spaces where variable acoustics are required.


FreeSpace is lightweight and can be fitted to any standard mic stand in seconds thanks to the elegant fixing method. No need to cover your walls with messy glue, FreeSpace optimises your acoustics with the minimum of hassle!

High Performance

Formed from a rigid, open cell acoustic foam, FreeSpace can be used to absorb sound reflections and create separation between instruments and microphones. Efficient across a broad range of frequencies with pronounced performance in the ‘mids’, FreeSpace is engineered to avoid over absorbing high frequencies which can lead to lifeless and inaccurate sounding rooms.


A contemporary design featuring clean lines and manufactured to our usual high standards, FreeSpace looks the part in any recording studio or listening space.

  • Quantity: 1 per pack
  • Colour: Graphite grey
  • 110cm x 57.5cm x 10cm
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting slots
  • Compatible with all standard mic stands
  • Combine multiple units for unlimited acoustic possibilities!
  • NRC >0.75
  • FMVSS 302 Fire*

RRP £89.99

*This product is self-extinguishing to FMVSS 302, Cigarette and match and as such it is not recommended as a wall covering. Do not expose to naked flame.

Please note stands are not included.

Product Reviews

I like these. The quality is superb. They're very well made and strong. They lock in nicely into any straight mic stand. Perfect for mobile recording. Highly recommended. They can turn any room into a nice recording area for mobile recording.

Purchased from: Thomann

I'm very happy with it, it does what it should and it does it well. I have 6 of them and use them for drums .. vocal .. solo instruments and any situation where I need dead sound .. my live room is pretty 'live' and good sounding and I don't want to ruin it with glued acoustic panels .. the FreeSpace does the trick.

Purchased from: Thomann

I use 5 pieces , in a small (2m x 2m) and very bad sounding vocal booth, and I can say it's the first time, that I like what I hear!

Easy to install , and well made.

They sound better than my DIY panels and although my room is dry its not dark.

I love them.

My 5 stars go to Thomann too.

Purchased from: Thomann

I use 2 of these for when I record vocals, or when I want to isolate in aprt my guitar amp from the room's acoustics. It works. recommended and useful in many situations!!!

Purchased from: Thomann

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