EQ Acoustics are proud to present ‘Project Foam’, a range of effective and stylish acoustic foam products for recording studios. If you are currently working in a studio without acoustic treatment then your mixes are about to get ten times better!

Browse our range of acoustic products, read our acoustic treatment guide or contact us for help improving your recording studio.

Acoustic Treatment Guide

As mix engineers we are always looking for audio tools that work for us and not against us. When our studio monitors are properly set up in an acoustically treated room, our ears can tell us much more about the sound we are hearing. Read these acoustic treatment guides and take your music production skills to the next level.

UK Made Acoustic Foam Products

We all take pride in our craft of music production and put in the hours needed to make things right. Why spend days and nights surrounded by unattractive, cheap acoustic foam? Our stylish and effective acoustic tiles cost less than most studio equipment and won’t need updating in 6 months!

Freestanding Acoustic Treatment

Need flexible sound absorbers? Can’t fix foam tiles and traps to your walls? Our FreeSpace panels fit on any standard mic stand giving you a fast method of treating your room or creating separation when recording. FreeStanding acoustic treatment has never been easier or more cost effective.